Polyurea Bridge Deck Coatings-- Why Make Use Of Robotics?

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It is clear that the infrastructure in the United States requires upkeep, specifically our bridges. The Department of Transportation noted in July 2019 that the portion of bridges deemed to be structurally deficient or functionally out-of-date ranges from a low of 11.5 percent in Minnesota to a high of 52.5 percent in Massachusetts, with most states in the 20 percent-or-higher variety. *.

Worldwide of concrete bridge security, liquid-applied high-performance polyurea membrane layers have remained to grow as the product of choice over the past 15 years. Polyurea's enhanced toughness, bonding to concrete and also crack-bridging qualities are unrivaled by layers and paints that have been utilized historically.

The PMC PHX40 hydraulic proportioner can be combined with the business's AP-2 spray gun and the SprayWorks Spraybot for reliable robotic application.
The 7-mile-long San Mateo Bridge in The golden state included three brand-new lanes in 2002 that were coated with polyurea. This offered the sector a top-level project that has verified to be a sign of success. Polyurea has actually since been used around the world for projects from little rail bridges in Norway to large bridges, like the Jiaozhou Bay Bridge in China.

Picture if 10 percent of the product that was splashed on these previous tasks might have been conserved. With robot application, that type of product financial savings is feasible today. The mix of the Spraybot by SprayWorks as well as PHX40 hydraulic proportioner with the AP-2 spray gun from PMC accomplishes this.

" Spray-applied waterproofing currently represents over half of the membranes put on our bridges," claims Alexander Bardow, P.E., state bridge engineer with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT). ** Given the number of bridges requiring attention in the state, a lot of bridge decks will be sprayed with polyurea in the coming years. ***.

The Butler County Bridge, in Ohio, is an example of a bridge that made use of robotic spray modern technology. This 3,000 square-foot bridge deck was completed in a day within a really tight spec of density. Utilizing the Spraybot from SprayWorks incorporated with polyurea spray tools from Polyurethane Equipment Firm, the robotic was set up to spray a 7-foot-wide swath.

When the rate of the reciprocator and also drive system were integrated, the Spraybot proceeded at a certain speed, applying an even density throughout an area that an individual might not intend to match. The detail areas were then connected hand-held spray guns. This is simply one example. A recent multi-year job in Missouri, called Safe, saw the recovery of 227 bridges utilizing the Spraybot for finishes application.

Spraybot Ultra automated system integrated with PMC devices.

Spray technique adjustments from sprayer to sprayer, and also is an ability that is learned over time. The variation that can result from various operators, tiredness as well as various other aspects, can add product cost or unacceptable thickness. Robotics gets rid of the variation causing these troubles. Full training should be supplied so that making the change from hand-held spray to robot application is effective. When the training is complete, the outcome will be consistent material thickness.

Robot application has numerous advantages, from the bidding process to the product application. In the bidding process, there is a more exact estimate of products, which offers an one-upmanship. Workers undergo much less exhaustion and also recurring movement, as well as the job is ended up faster with a larger spray location covered. The product use is under tighter control. Every one of this enables the equipment to be amortized promptly. When time and also product (translation: money) can be conserved and also safety raised, the genuine inquiry is: Why not make use of robotics?

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