Why Do Bridges Need Protecting?

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Concrete Protection for Bridges

To improve the performance and durability of reinforced concrete coverings on bridge foundations, additional protection systems are frequently required, particularly in refurbishment situations. Typical practical protection systems for bridges can be classified as `impregnations, sealing impregnations, surface coatings, or corrosion inhibitors. These are devised for use in different situations or collectively in alternative combinations, to greatly reduce damage to the concrete surfaces and to stop or significantly reduce the rate of steel reinforcement corrosion. Thus preventing the even more significant structural damage, that would otherwise occur.

    Protection against the intrusion of water, chloride and carbon dioxide
    High protection against UV radiation
    Resistance against frost and wide heat variations

Is corrosion damaging your bridge?

Bridges and tunnels must constantly be investigated and kept in a safe and serviceable provision to shield users and preserve architectural life. Bridges and shafts with exposed reinforced concrete elements are vulnerable to corrosion, often initiated by de-icing salt ingress through faulty joints or low concrete cover. If corrosion induced spalling results in debris falling onto roadways or railway tracks, then disruption can be significant. When it comes to accessing the construction to repair the damage, expenses can increase and track, or lane closings can cause severe delays to travelers.

Most corrosion control systems offer long-term maintenance-free protection, eliminating the need for repeat repair works with connected high access costs. Our unique technology, which is entirely compliant with international standards, accurately targets hot spots of corrosion, from bearing shelf to the beam and from column to deck soffit, extending organic life and minimizing life costs.

ArmorThane has extensive experience of providing both the private and public sectors with bespoke corrosion management solutions for bridges and tunnels. From trying out and assessment works to solution design, ArmorThane can help you every step of the way.

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