Floating Containment Barriers & Mats for Bridge Repair

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Floating Containment Mats are the perfect solution for falling debris, tools, lead paint, and other contaminants that can enter water sources. Made from an impermeable fabric material, these mats keep contaminants contained by floating along the bottom of a bridge, dam or barrier to catch pollutants before they enter the water. Built to your specific requirements, these mats are commonly installed along dam walls, underneath bridges, and in other locations where items may be prone to falling during a repair.

OX containment mats are manufactured in the USA and can be custom created to satisfy your specific requirements to catch, contain and prevent spreading of pollution on your job site. We offer two varieties of containment mats: The Floating Containment Mat, and The Floating Containment System.

Floating Containment Mat
Floating containment matStandard design of OX floating containment mats feature an impermeable PVC fabric with built-in side floatation walls. This creates a complete containment area that can catch hanging debris, tools, paint, asbestos and other pollutants. All mats feature a conventional wall height of six inches (6") to contain materials as they fall from the work area.    These mats will help keep your job site in compliance and provide a reliable secondary containment protective barrier.

6" Flotations
22 oz. Impermeable PVC Fabric
Multiple Sizing Options
Reusable Containment Mat
Foam Walls
We recognize that each job site is unique. Contact us about custom containment solutions.

Floating Containment System
Floating containment systemThe second containment mat option is a system that uses our high-quality standard floating turbidity curtain in conjunction with the floating containment mat. For use as a containment device, these standard curtains can be installed horizontally to collect and contain debris. Standard turbidity curtains feature impermeable PVC fabric, top flotations and extended bottom skirts (made to any depth from 3 to 100 feet). For these locations, the thickness of the curtain should be equal to the amount of length from the wall required for your barriers.


Large Area for Containment
Contains Built-In Flotation Device
A skirt can Install Easily to Dam Wall
Rolls up during Transportation
Can be Towed into Installation Placement
Does not Block the Flow of Water
Barriers should be attached to the dam wall by the skirt to keep the entire unit afloat.

Looking for a bridge repair containment systems to use during piling cleaning, repair, or extraction? Check out the Piling Protection Sock and the Piling Extraction Floating Containment System

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